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All drinks available hot or iced 
Lactose free & Oat milk available

Lethbridge Coffee Favourites $6.25

Caramel Macchiato 
Caramel drizzle, milk, vanilla, then marked with espresso on top.

Honey Oat Latte
Oat milk, espresso, and honey drizzle.

White Chocolate Mocha
Milk, espresso, and white chocolate drizzle.

Turtles Macchiato
Milk, espresso, hazelnut and caramel syrup, and chocolate and caramel drizzle. 

Tiramisu Latte
Milk, espresso, vanilla, chocolate drizzle, whipped cream, and coco powder.

The Basics $5.75


Chocolate drizzle, milk, and espresso.

Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White 
Espresso and steamed milk with your desired level of micro foam.
Flat white being the least frothy, lattes medium frothiness, and cappuccinos with
the most milk froth.

Americano   3.25 / 3.75
Fresh ground espresso and water.

Hot Chocolate 4.75

A classic. Steamed milk with chocolate drizzle.

White Hot Chocolate 4.75
Steamed milk with white chocolate drizzle.

Hot Tea 2.75
Earl grey, decaf earl grey, peppermint, english breakfast, chamomile.

Milk and Tea Based Drinks $6.00

London Fog 
Milk, earl grey tea, and vanilla.
Add lavender for 0.50 

Chai Latte
Milk and chai tea spice.
Add white chocolate or brown sugar cinnamon for 0.50

Matcha Milk Tea Latte 
Milk, matcha tea, and vanilla. 
Add white chocolate for 0.50
Add a shot of espresso for $1.25


Refreshers $4.00


A refreshing lemonade with your choice of blackberry, lavender, peach, or raspberry

Black Tea Lemonades

A refreshing blend of black tea and lemonade, mixed with your choice of raspberry or peach.

Snack Time

Cafe Noir Bagel Sandwich $7.50
Prosciutto, alfalfa sprouts, herb and garlic cream cheese, on a toasted on your choice bagel
Perfect for breakfast or lunch!

Turkey Cranberry Bagel Sandwich
Turkey, cranberry, alfalfa sprouts, herb and garlic cream cheese, on your choice of bagel 

 Bagel $3.25
Your choice of everything bagel, cheddar or jalapeno cheddar bagel.
Toasted with your choice of butter or herb and garlic cream cheese.


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