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About Café Noir

Café Noir means black coffee in French.

Simple and Classic.

The foundation.

From here we build, add, mix, or sweeten the coffee, however you like it.

The perfect start to your day- 

Café Noir.

Café Noir was created out of necessity, but also luxury. We are a small coffee shop located inside Monroe Studios. This is a high end location that will be providing beauty and wellness services to the community of Lethbridge, Alberta. When we found out that a standard coffee machine or a typical Kuerig was currently the only option, we started researching. I come from an industry that provides luxury and relaxation for its clients so I knew this would be nothing less. We wanted to provide our guests with options that would elevate their experience, as well as their day.

Thus, Café Noir was born. A small, high end, classy coffee shop that encourages you to indulge, every day. 


Café Noir

Our Mission.

Serving our community is what brings us all together. We use the finest ingredients from the top ranked suppliers to ensure your coffee is always enjoyable, wether that is to kick off the start of your day, or put you at ease at the end of it. Come grab a coffee with us, treat yourself.

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